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People ask us "why are our designs mostly inspired by Om and Ganesha". More than often we get orders for similar designs.  Likely because both Om and Ganesha embody the higher powers. As the Hindu people believe that these entities govern the universe. Hindu Pantheon highly regards them for the power they hold are unimaginable.

With this post, aim is to cast some light on what Om and Ganesha mean for indian religions. Read along, you might even feel like taking notes or researching further. Hindu scriptures and writings mention about interesting secrets of the universe to share.

The Concept of OM

For anyone new to the concept of Om, Om, a holy syllable, the greatest mantras, or sacred formulae, in Hinduism. The syllable om consists of three sounds (A-U-M).  This one-syllable represents several triads: the three worlds of earth, the atmosphere, and the celestial world; thought, speech, and action; three (Goodness, Passion, and Darkness) qualities (Goodness, Passion, and Darkness) of matter; the three holy Vedic scriptures (Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Samaveda).

Power of Reality and Knowledge

The Om syllable, related to Vedanta philosophy, is first stated in the Upanishads. It connects ideas of "cosmic son" or "mystical syllable," or as the representation of abstract spiritual concepts in Upanishads. 

The syllable is so extensive and related to knowledge, in the Aranyaka and Brahmana levels in the Vedic literature. It stands for the "whole Vedic." In the older levels of the early Upanishads, the symbolic roots of Om are explored several times. For instance, Section 5.32 of the Aitareya Brahmana of Rig Veda states that the three phonetic components of Om (a+u+m) correlate to the three phases of cosmic formation, and it celebrates the creative forces of the cosmos whether by reading or speaking. Om and Bhur-bhuvah-Svah, the latter representing "this complete void," are equated with the Brahmana layer of Vedic literature.

Om is Everywhere!

This represents the essence of the ultimate reality, awareness or Atman. Essentially, the whole cosmos mystically embodies Om. 

Needless to say, it is a spiritual holy incantation, made before and during the retreat of spiritual texts, in puja and private prayer, in ritual events such as weddings, and occasionally in the course of meditative and spiritual exercises such as yoga.

Evidently, Om is the beginning and the conclusion of rituals, chants, and meditation extensively used in the Buddhist and the Jain rituals.

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Almighty Ganesha

As for Ganesha, the name itself symbolizes a common group. Gan means group. The universe is an atom and energy group. Ganesha is the Lord of all these atom and energy groupings.

While Ganesha has various forms, his elephant head identifies him most popularly. More particularly, worshippers regard him as remover of barriers. He is the master of arts and sciences, and the deva of understanding and knowledge.

And thus, at the start of rituals and ceremonies as the deity of the beginning believers honor him. Ancient writers  frequently invoked him during writing sessions as a patron of writing and learning. Furthermore, several manuscripts recount stories of mythology and adventures and his birth.

Ganesha Governs the Universe!

He is the supreme awareness that penetrates everyone and makes this universe a reality. Meaning, Chaos would prevail and universe would be in turmoil in absence of supreme overseeing the law of creations.

"Niraakaaramekam Ajam Nirvikalpam." Ganesha (unborn) denotes Ajam; he is Niraakaar (free of attribute) and he symbolizes ubiquitous awareness. It indicates that Ganesha is Ajam. The same energy out of which everything arises and all dissolves. Ultimately, this universe is Ganesha and vice versa.

So, it seems nice to feel more harmonious with the two ultimate powers, isn't it?

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